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Thesis Internship

The oikos Sustainability Thesis Internship initiative aims to unite academia, business and society to tackle – and overcome – sustainability challenges. The initiative wishes to inspire students to discover and experience sustainability topics in the professional area and thus to encourage them to think about their own potential sustainable career.

Are you a student, looking for a meaningful research topic for your bachelor and master thesis, striving to make an impact and eager to gain valuable professional insights? Is your business or organisation faced with a sustainability-related challenge that merits closer examination?

1. Sustainability challenge in partnering organisation
Focal point of each project is a sustainability challenge or related research question of a business or organisation. After the potential partner has approached us, we – the oikos Sustainability Thesis Internship team – review the question and internship offer and publish it on our website.

2. Matching
Students apply for the internship, which is linked to their bachelor or master thesis, either directly with the partner organisation/business or via oikos. After the selection process, carried out by the partner organisation/business, the selected student is responsible for her-/ himself to find a supervisor from HSG faculty.

3. Kick-Off
Prior to the internship, the student, partner organisation/business, supervising professor, and oikos team meet to specify the internship tasks and research question. Note that the research question does not have to be identical with the specific challenge or question the partner organisation/business is faced with.

4. Working out a solution
During the internship – usually during 2-6 months – the student works with and in the partner organisation/business and gains valuable insights, both for her/his professional career as well as for the thesis.

5. Presentation
In a final presentation, the student summarizes the results of her/his work. If the insights contain no confidential information and are of interest to a wider public, they are published on the oikos website and discussed on an oikos&Pizza or similar event.

6. Possibility to win the Sustainability Thesis Award
The student has the possibility to apply for the oikos Sustainability Thesis Award, an award that honors the best sustainability-related master thesis. The prize money amounting to CHF 3’000 is sponsored by the Usitawi Network Zürich.

Ablauf Sustainability Thesis Projekt

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