oikos chapter


The oikos conference has made a difference in economics and management since 1989 by bringing students together to work with experts and professionals from around the world.
The next oikos Conference took place on October 13, 2017 on the topic “sustainable investment”.
The aim of the conference is to sensibilize students on the different perspectives of sustainable investment, its development and its challenges and enable them, to discuss this topic with experts and practitioners.
Our 3 objectives structure the entire conference as:
• Informative: selected company presentations (speeches)
• Interactive: real-life practical case studies (workshops)
• Fostering debate: active discussion with different practice partners (panel discussion)
• Attendees: around 50 local participants (HSG and its surroundings), 100 international students and 50 oikos alumni
• Practice partners & companies: stakeholders from different sectors engaged in sustainable investment