17 February 2017 | Chapter-News

In the Spring semester of 2017, our team of the EcoMap St. Gallen wants to rejuvenate the project and focus more intensely on the original idea of the founders from 2012. Sustainable consumers may therefore look forward to our website as a big help in their future – check out our prototype at (soon also available for Zurich)! With the launch of our App this semester it will further become so much easier to find the next place to go grocery shopping, the next restaurant to have a delicious and locally sourced meal, the next place for recycling of goods, or the closest hybrid taxi driver. Our team is currently headed by the duo of Sarah and Robert with Anna-Lena, Sophie and Morgane as active members. We want to work more closely with the other international chapters (Lausanne and Hamburg) in order to realize synergies and make full use of resources and potential. We are still looking for an IT specialist, who might help us with our website and other technical issues. Please contact oikos or write to us directly at, we are happy about all the help we can get!
We are looking forward to an exciting semester and want to wish you all success in your own endeavours towards a more sustainable planet with a few words from Al Gore: «Solutions to the climate crisis are within reach, but in order to capture them, we must take urgent action today across every level of society.”