oikos St. Gallen is one of the leading student organizations regarding the topic of sustainable business.  We empower students to understand the concept of sustainability in economics and management through a rich portfolio of projects.  We believe that social, ecological and economic sustainability belong together and are essential elements for a better tomorrow.  Therefore we try to reach as many students as possible and make sustainability a constant companion in their future decisions.





oikos St. Gallen an der Vereinsbörse

18 September 2016 | Chapter-News

Besuche unseren Stand an der Vereinsinfobörse und erfahre mehr über unsere Projekte. Am 20. September 2016 im HSG B-Gebäude.


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Un-Dress Fashionshow

20. April 2016 | Chapter-News The fact that fairly produced fashion looks great and feels better than cheaply produced sweatshop sweatshirts were demonstrated by HSG students... »

oikos community event

26 April 2016 | Chapter-News On Tuesday April 26th we organized our first oikos community event. We want to thank all the oikees who came to join us for the community event... »

Aktionstag an Schweizer Hochschulen

08 March 2016 | Chapter-News In celebrationof the "Aktionstag an Schweizer Hochschulen" next monday oikos St. Gallen, Ignite Conference, Student Impact, University of St.Gallen... »